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The Bank of Moscow offers the following services in this area:

  • letters of credit (if necessary with foreign bank confirmation) and other operations involving letters of credit (documents checks, payments, enrolment revenue coming from foreign banks in favour of clients of correspondent banks, etc.);
  • advising letters of credit opened by correspondent banks in favour of clients of the Bank of Moscow or other banks, providing additional confirmation;
  • collection of commercial and financial documents;
  • issuing all types of guarantees / letters of credit Standby, including export and import operations (tender guarantees, proper execution of contracts, refunds, payment guarantees, payment of customs duties, etc.)
  • advising guarantees for foreign and Russian banks in favour of domestic and foreign beneficiaries;
  • providing payment requirements on behalf of other banks for guarantees, advised by the Bank of Moscow;
  • issuing irrevocable reimbursement obligations under letters of credit opened by correspondent banks;
  • payments on letters of credit in respect to reimbursement powers of correspondent banks on their accounts at the Bank of Moscow;
  • transactions in structured trade finance.

For more information on correpondent bank rates.

For additional information please contact:

Department of trade finance

Documentary operations department:
+7 (495) 925-80-00, ext. 11-423

Structured trade finance department:
+7 (495) 925-80-00, ext. 14-569

General inquiries:
+7 (495) 925-80-00, ext. 10-387